Mike Evans — “I’m just trying to be the best,period.”


Personally, I do not see any reason to why he can’t be the best. Landing 68 receptions for 1,000+yards and 12 touchdowns as a rookie ,and playing 15 games as a stater,it’s hard to say he can’t be the best receiver to ever play the game.

If you compare Evans rookie season to the greats of Yesteryear : Jerry Rice,Randy Moss,Calvin Johnson, to name a few,it is not hard to see what could be the beginnings of a Hall of Fame career.  Yes , I may be overreaching a little bit, but there is one simple fact that cannot be over looked: Mike Evans had two back up quarterbacks throwing to him. And if that is not enough, he is a Tampa bay Buccaneer.

As a fan I love my Bucs. I am not bad mouthing my team. I am, in fact, being a realist. We haven’t been known for super star wide receivers. Actually we get the washed up ones. Vincent Jackson is an amazing wide receiver, but he is not a superstar.

Mike Evans is different.  Mike Evans can be the best. Period.