Hope for C.J.



As we all know by now.

Buccaneer corner back C.J. Wilson lost his index finger and middle finger .

Now that he is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery.

Will he ever be able to perform his duties as a  corner back in the NFL?  I know I am rooting for him.

C.J. has only been on our team for 1 year but , he is family.  Yes he’s only played in 2 games. Yes he only has 4 tackles.

But he’s still family

Seriously? Does it even matter all that much that he’s missing a couple fingers?  Sure it helps.

Ever heard of Jim Abbott? He pitched ten years in ‘the Majors”,and he was born without a hand.

Ever heard of Oscar Pitorius? He set a world record and won a gold metal.  He has no legs.

So ,I am not going to just dismiss C.J and I know The Buccaneers wont either.

Family sticks together.

I hope none of you give up on him.

As far as I am concerned.

When you are down and out. When you are broken and battered. Succeeding becomes all the sweeter.   #NEVERGIVEUP