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Bucs have to protect Jameis from himself

The Buccaneers have been blessed by how quarterback Jameis Winston has performed, in 2015. His leadership skills and ability to learn from his mistakes, along with his talent, has proved to be more than anyone could ask for from their number 1 draft pick. Jameis, being sacked 27 times, is not all that bad and considerably better than previous quarterbacks, but being sacked for a loss of 190 yards is not that good, also being hit 99+ times is a lot and has to be fixed, and a majority of that was not the o-lines fault.


Dirk Koetter chimed in on the situation while he was the OC and said that it is something that will have to be worked on over the off-season. Winston threw for a record-breaking 4,042-yards, connected for 22 TD’s and had 6 on the ground.Winston addressed the number of hits he received saying most of those hits were brought on by himself. Jameis also said that the line is blocking well, so it’s not that they are not doing their job, it’s that he puts himself in the position to initiate hits.


Of course, no one wants to limit Jamies Winston’s creativity on the field, but at the same time, you have to protect Jameis from himself. HC Dirk Koetter will have his work cut out for him in camp, and hopefully, the young QB learns that you are no good to the team sitting on the sideline nursing injuries.