1470365932-NS_04AfternoonPract10Obviously there is a serious lack of faith in Romo’s ability to stay healthy all season. It’s not hard to see this fact, as the Cowboys have two talented QB’s behind the injured Kellen Moore. Why not develop them, quickly? Instead, they are searching for washed up QB’s to be the number two. So far, in the gaggle of rumors, Josh McCown and Mike Glennon, are the only two names being thrown around that have not quite reached that washed up mark. Glennon would likely be a great fit there, but I don’t see him being traded for, and McCown won’t likely be traded either, because who is going to backup RGIII if he flops out? 

Some even went as far as mentioning, soon to be enshrined, Brett Farve as a backup. Farve wouldn’t do that because he’s ancient. It would be int he best interest of the Cowboys to not look for another QB but to develop what they have. They might be surprised by the rookie talent. If they continue to show this lack of faith in Romo, they need to cut him, and if they do, I have a feeling no one will scramble to get him.




Jay Bucs

Go bucs!!!