Our humble leader, quarterback famous Jameis Winston is going into his third year in the league after 2 productive, yet mistake-prone seasons.

Winston’s inconsistencies are well documented, whether it be throwing too many interceptions due to poor decision-making or simply just overthrowing his receivers. If you asked Winston, I’m sure he would be the first to admit that two of his most glaring weaknesses were the two aforementioned above.

Jameis has a rocket for an arm, so the problem isn’t getting the ball downfield, it’s hitting those receivers on a much more consistent basis. Last season, famous Jameis threw for over 4,000 yards with 28 touchdowns but he also tossed 18 interceptions, many of which came on deep passes over 20 yards. In fact, of all the deep passes he threw last season, Winston hit on just 31.4 percent of his passes over 20 yards, which ranked him in the bottom third of the league.

In the last two seasons under Jameis, all too often, he would throw an early interception or 2, and before we’d know it, we were having to climb out of an early hole. Now, it also says a lot about Winston’s mindset that even after making a few mistakes, he never gives up and will continue to fight for all 60 minutes.

With the additions we’ve made this off-season, if Jameis can cut his mistakes in half, which in my opinion shouldn’t be difficult, we’ll be well on our way to winning the NFC South and securing a spot in the playoffs!

Go Bucs!


Edited By: Harmeet Kapur

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