A few days ago, NFL analyst Bucky Brooks released an article NFL’s most feared position group in which the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line topped his list. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiving corp came in at number five on his list.

Brooks stated that when you combine DeSean Jackson (One of the most prolific big-play threats in NFL history) with Mike Evans (One of the best young receivers in the game today) that you have arguably the best 1-2 punch in the league. He also noted that if you try to double cover either of the two receivers that you will fail in stopping the passing attack as we have two playmaking tight ends (Brate and Howard).

He also mentioned that there will be plenty of cannon fire heard at Ray-Jay this year.  Brooks had not forgotten about Adam Humphries. He called the young man an underrated chain mover and sad that with this arsenal that Jameis Winston should throw out some “dizzying” fantasy numbers. Chris Godwin has been receiving a ton of hype and if he and if he lives up to it then Tampa will have the most dangerous 5 wide I can even think of.

Only two receiving groups made Brooks list and Tampa falls behind the Giants’ corp although I am not so sure I agree that Brandon Marshall’s addition makes them any better than the Bucs. To each their own.




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