Jameis Winston finished his second year with the Bucs with a 9-7 record. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to have consecutive 4000+ passing yards in each of his first two seasons. Winston also increased the number of touchdowns he tossed from 22 in his first year to 28 in his second. Unfortunately, the number of sacks he endured also increased from 27 to 35, as well as the number of interceptions he threw, which went from a not so good 15 to a terrible 18.

Winston still has some areas to work on, including knowing when to stay in the pocket and when it’s best to leave it, when it’s smart to simply throw the ball away and live to see another down instead of trying to force something that results in a turnover, over throwing his receivers with his rocket arm and finally, just protecting the damn ball.

If Winston can attack these areas, he will be in good position to have a break out year in 2017 with his leadership, maturity and the vast array of offensive weapons at his disposal. 2 more weeks to go Bucs fans!


Edited By: Harmeet Kapur

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