First team defense looks amazing and the offense is about ready to fire on all cylinders.

Early in the game, the chemistry between Jameis Winston and Mike Evans was wonderful as they connected almost at will to move the ball down the field. Start fast has always been one of Dirk Koetter’s beliefs and a key factor in getting momentum early. Speaking of chemistry, I hope the chemistry between Jameis and DeSean Jackson will be the same as it is with Mike Evans. If so, the Bucs should light up scoreboards.

Our first string defense was great. Kwon Alexander was a  beast, as usual, and Vernon Hargreaves looked like a Veteran. Second and third string defense was a little worse for wear. They made third string QB Jeff Driskel appear to be anything but a rookie. It is only the first game of the preseason but it is something that needs to be corrected. Roberto Aguayo stinks and that’s why he is no longer on the team.

Next Thursday the Buccaneers will travel to Jacksonville to do battle with Jaguars, who recently defeated the Patriots 31-24, and this game will definitely put Tampa to the test. I’m sure Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith will show us a different Tampa team!



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