It’s no secret to anyone, Tampa Bay made a mistake. Jason Licht has come out since the release of Roberto Aguayo and admitted that to everyone.

When you have the lowest accuracy rating in the NFL last season, and then miss 2 kicks to begin the campaign (Yes, even pre-season counts), that raises some serious questions. Those questions were the ones that the Buccaneers were tired of answering to.

Jason Licht seemed relieved after the release of Aguayo. In an interview with Monday Morning Quarterback, Licht says: “It is a little bit of a sense of, I don’t want to say relief, but we’ve ripped off the band-aid, and we move on. We’re moving forward.”

Jason Licht has made some amazing moves with this team. Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and more recently Desean Jackson, may not be here without his leadership and decision making. In the end, Jason Licht and his Bucs will move on and start thinking of the future.

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