Now that Hurricane Irma is finished crushing our hopes and dreams we can finally get back to what’s important in life, and that is football. Buccaneers football to be exact. After what seems to be the longest week of our lives, we can actually start to see the Bucs game upon the horizon and that is a beautiful thing.

We get to see the new and improved Bucs offense that has the addition of DeSean Jackson and OJ Howard.  The talk is finally over and we get to finally see them boys play. Om the other side if the ball we gave a plethora of new faces. None more important than TJ Ward. I am most excited to see how he helps this (at times) struggling secondary. His veteran presence will go a long way. Another face worth talking about is our 4th round draft pick Kendell Beckwith. If he shows up and makes an immediate impact then we will have solidified our place in the to linebacker cores in the NFL. If he struggles well then that’s a whole different issue.

All in all I expect the Bucs to overcome the Mike Glennon train and beat the bears 30-17 with an impressive showing from Jamie’s Winston and the new faces of our offense. I expect the Defense to show a bend don’t break attitude and come up big when it counts. It’s game week ladies and gentlemen and I couldn’t be more excited. GO BUCS!


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