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Gerald McCoy says this city deserved this win

A week after what was supposed to be the Buccaneers season opener in Miami against the Dolphins was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma, the Buccaneers opened the season at home with a resounding 29-7 victory over the hapless Chicago Bears in week 2.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Gerald McCoy said our beloved city deserved this win. He also mentioned that there are still people without power, and due to that, there were more then a few fans that weren’t able to watch the game. He spoke about how happy the people out of power would be if they heard about this win, and how it was a good distraction for the people that were able to make it to the game, or watch it on tv, to just to be able to get away for a few hours and cheer on the team.
McCoy went on to say that it felt good to be able to do that for them.
We couldn’t agree more Gerald. Thank you for not only being a great player on the field, but also off it.

Edited by Harmeet Kapur