Silly Superstitions, But The Writing’s On The Wall.


As we have discussed before, it’s no secret that Football and Superstitions go hand in hand. So it’s no wonder, with the down-spiral of the Bucs season, the topics of superstitions are coming back up in discussions. At the beginning of the season, we were very hopeful for a chance at the Play-offs, considering the additions to the team, and all seemed to be looking pretty good. But injuries and losses keep racking up this season, so why not give in to the superstitions…just a little…

We have brought to you time and time again, the Hard Knocks curse theory, but couple that with the Fitzpatrick curse, and you’ve got yourself one rocky season. Dubbed by as the NFL’s Final Destination, the Fitzpatrick curse is alive and well in Tampa, according to some fans, after our QB Winston was taken out with a shoulder injury, and has yet to return to the game this season. Every team that has signed Fitzpatrick has lost their starting QB to injury, just take a look at the chart. So, what do you think fans? Do you think the curses have taken their toll on the Bucs this season? Or is it all just silly superstition?

Year Team Starting QB Injury Games missed
2005 Rams Marc Bulger Shoulder 8
2008 Bengals Carson Palmer Elbow 12
2009 Bills Trent Edwards Concussion 8
2013 Titans Jake Locker Foot 9
2014 Texans Ryan Mallett Pectoral 2
2015 Jets Geno Smith Punched in face 15
2016 Jets Geno Smith Knee 9
2016 Jets Bryce Petty Labrum 1
2017 Buccaneers Jameis Winston Shoulder TBA

Written by: Crystal Morgan