Replacements If Dirk Koetter Is Let Go – By BucsFanFromTN


Our Buccaneers have obviously had a very bad season with a 4-7 record. The team has suffered a lot of injuries and the offense has not used the weapons that were added during the offseason. With the amazing free agency the Bucs had during the off-season, I don’t think anyone saw this coming. The play calling by Dirk Koetter has been atrocious. I do think that a coaching change will come at the end of the season considering how it’s pretty likely that our Bucs will end yet another season with a losing record.

Let’s discuss a few coaches I think would be the perfect fit.

Josh McDaniels- McDaniels is currently the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots and has been a head coach in the NFL with the Denver Broncos. Josh was fired in 2010 season because, in my opinion, Brian Xanders is impossible to work for and with. I do believe McDaniels will be a fantastic head coach in the NFL because of his great offensive mind.

Jim Bob Cooter- Cooter is currently the offensive coordinator for the Detriot Lions and his name was mentioned for many head coach openings a year ago. I do think Cooter is ready for the next step in the NFL, but can he handle the Glazer family? Teryl Austin- Austin is currently the defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions and his situation is very similar to his co-worker, Jim Bob Cooter. Austin is a defensive minded coach, so for him to succeed in Tampa, he would have to hire an offensive coordinator that fits Jameis Winston’s style of play, not the other way around.

Edgar Bennett- Bennett is currently the offensive coordinator for the Packers. He is actually a good coach, although when you lose one of the 2 best quarterbacks in the NFL for the season, replacing him is almost impossible. Regardless, I do believe he will get a head coaching job by next season.

Darrell Bevell- Bevell is currently the offensive coordinator for the Seahawks and his name has come up for a lot of openings the past two seasons. Similar to Edgar Bennett, Bevell has also been around an all-pro quarterback, Russell Wilson. I do expect Bevell to land a head coaching job this offseason as well, but will it be in Tampa?

Matt LaFleur- LaFleur is currently the offensive coordinator for the Rams and his name is being brought up for the first time as a possible coaching candidate. Like his current boss with the Rams, Sean McVay, LaFleur is very young. Can he make an immediate impact for a team like McVay has done for the L.A. Rams? Only time will tell.

Edited by: Harmeet Kapur