Buccaneers Players Confront Chris Baker.


Like many fans, once the game was over, I was finished. I didn’t follow any postgame shows, I actually flipped the channel over to watch the Jags get pummeled by the 9ers. That means I, like many fans, missed the Buccaneers post-game radio show and all the excitement that ensued.

According to just about everyone who was there or who listened to the radio broadcast, Gerald McCoy had non-aggressively confronted Chris Baker about his play on the field. The play in question is the one where Baker jumped offsides in the 4th quarter, allowing a difficult conversion to become an easy touchdown. Many are saying this blew the game for the Buccaneers and it seems some of the players are of a like mind.

Witnesses say that after McCoy addressed the play that Baker simply smirked and that sent Jameis Winston back over the edge and sent him flying towards the veteran lineman. It’s said that you can hear Lavonte David yelling, “Yo, yo, yo Jameis,” in an attempt to stop the young QB and Kwon Alexander swearing at Chris Baker.

It has also been said that some players and coaches have not been happy with Baker’s attitude or his effort all season long. Many fans are in agreement that it seems as if Baker is just here to collect a paycheck and nothing more. Citing the general consensus, “Baker got paid that’s all that matters to him. We are losing. He doesn’t care if he plays well. He won’t be here next season.” I agree with that 100%. It also seems to me that he is one of the Buccaneers biggest free agent busts in years and the likelihood that he will not be here next season will be more than a mutual agreement.

It had also been said that this type of situation concerning Baker was an issue in Washington as well.

I would like to commend our veterans for addressing this and only hope that it happened a lot sooner.

– Jay Bucs