Mel Kiper Mock Draft Review – By BritBuc


Keeping up with the mock draft reviews we turn to the Mel Kiper mock draft. Kiper is one of the big mock draft people look to create talking points. Historically, Kiper hasn’t been the most accurate of mock drafters but seems to have a handle on what teams are looking for and where they will take those players, hitting on the Bucs selection of Jameis Winston. Let’s dive in and see what Kiper has for us in the first round, shall we?

Round 1 – Quenton Nelson G Notre Dame – Not the first person to mock Nelson to the Bucs and you can’t deny Tampa needs help on the Offensive line. The biggest question is, “How much of a reach is the 6ft 5inch, 329lbs monster?”

Quenton Nelson is a lock for the first round and it’s not hard to see why. Just looking at his tape you can see he would fit nicely into any offense in the NFL. Excelling at run blocking with fantastic, almost supernatural athletism for a guy his size, Nelson is an accomplished pass blocker too. Pairing him with Ali Marpet could really invigorate the run game….but you need the Running Backs to be able to take advantage of the holes as they are made.

Whilst I don’t doubt that Nelson would be a great pick (and very likely if the Colts don’t manage to overcome Key’s off the field concerns and select Chubb) is he a luxury the Bucs cannot afford with the needs they have and the 7th pick?

It’s true to say that the NFL doesn’t value guards, but a quick view of Nelsons highlights and even a casual fan can see that Quenton Nelson is a rare talent. With Free Agency still to come, Licht may feel he can’t miss out on a top prospect in the draft and address the issues on the Defensive line in Free Agency.

Edited by: Morgan Adele