As Free Agency advances, the great cogs of NFL front offices grind into motion. Teams sign high profile players, host players for workouts and hash out contracts. This is where teams look to improve on poor performances from last year or add the final pieces for a Super Bowl push.

Team personnel, media and fans have all pointed where the Bucs have holes to fill. The fact that an effective pass rush is needed in the Bay area has been repeated ad infinitum, help is needed on the offensive line; since there were no prizes for the release of Doug Martin, Running Back is now a need, as well as depth, or an outright starter at Corner. But fans needn’t worry as Free Agency has arrived and a chance to fill in some of those vacancies with proven vets or players looking for a fresh start before the draft is upon us. This is a time to round out the roster and finalise draft strategy and with the available cap space The Buccaneers should be big players in the market with the dollars to tempt in the big names…

The noise you can hear is the deafening sound of inactivity! Outside of the much needed resigning of WR Mike Evans the Bucs have been silent. So far we’ve seen high profile trades of corner backs and defensive linemen by teams with needs across the NFL. And still Licht and his team are standing pat!

Whilst I will readily admit I don’t know everything going on behind the scenes at One Buc, it is getting hard to understand what, if any, game plan is being played out. From this angle, it looks like he’s out of his depth and surely not pinning all his hopes on seven rookies to turn around a 5 win team. Unless something big happens to attempt to improve this team, another lack luster season is on the horizon and Licht will take his entire crew down with him, as the pirate ship sinks to another season without a playoff run.

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