More of the Same for Tampa Bay? – Ian Mott


So here we are, the first weekend after the opening of free agency is upon us and many fans feel forgotten, embarrassed, or even hopeless they haven’t read their ideal free agent names ring that notification on their phones. With a bit of optimism, (you all can choose how much “a bit” is) the front office may be learning from previous mistakes. Building a solid base for a team is important, and with as many coaching and coordinator changes that this team has experienced in the last 5-10 years, it should be acknowledged that this team is standing by their key players, players they drafted and developed and sticking to the process. This is important and when one coach is handed a team from a previous regime, standing by those players who helped the team will have a lasting impact on improving this team. With that being said, let’s recap the front office moves before St. Patrick’s Day weekend began.

Mike Evans, Cameron Brate, Peyton Barber, and Adam Humphries all signed contracts for at least the upcoming season. With Chandler Catanzaro also signing a deal, the front office did a good job at extending deserving players on offense as well as addressing the kicking situation which was also a headache this time last year. As for defense, the side of the ball that was a train wreck last year also saw some activity… although some do not feel it’s enough.

Just a reminder that it is the first weekend of official free agency. Leading the defensive rework will most likely be Brent Grimes coming back. He’s played very well for us and his return is huge for this team and the young corners. Keith Tandy, Adarious Glanton, Javien Elliot, and Will Clarke are all returning as well. With the addition of Mitch Unrein and Beau Allen it is hopeful our team can get back to playing players in the situations that best fit the personnel and also sets us up for future stars. Maybe there is too much optimism, but there is still time to spend and overspend however, with a lot of very talented players available and a favorable draft class to our needs, this approach seems well thought out to an extent. Let us know what you think!


Edited by Morgan Adele