Ryan Jensen Believes Tampa is in a Win-Now Situation.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did well in snagging free agent center Ryan Jensen even if it resulted in making him the highest paid center in the league.

The big fat pay check was of course, part of the deciding factor for Jensen, however, during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, he stated the reason he chose the Buccaneers over the Colts is because he believes Tampa is in a win-now situation.

He also stated that Indy was a very appealing place, but he kept getting drawn back to Tampa. Ultimately, Tampa won his favor and that’s awarded him with a juicy 4-year $42 million contract. Not bad for a guy who had only started in all 16 games last year.

Jensen believes Tampa is the team where he best fits and is the team, he believes, that gives him the best chance for success.

The veteran center went on to say that when looking at the Buccaneers roster you see a list of young, talented players and the way things are going in Tampa gives him the kind of winning atmosphere he thrives in.

Dirk Koetter’s offense offers Jensen the type of power blocking scheme he is comfortable playing in, making Tampa and Jensen the perfect match.