Ali Marpet is Ready to Take on His New Role.


During a press conference at One Buc Place on Monday, Ali Marpet stated that he’s moving to the left guard position next season and that he is ready to take on that new role.

Having already played multiple positions, and excelling at them, should give him the experience necessary to allow him to slip into his new role with ease and succeed.

“I think it actually will. I think I will be able to play faster, be able to see everything a little better, such as the defense, and anticipate things better. If anything, Ryan Jensen and I should be able to help each other. Jensen has played guard, so he knows the position from a guard’s perceptive, so I think just more perspective is helpful.”

Bucs Brass obviously wants an offensive line that houses the best players on the team at all times, and both Koetter and Licht have repeatedly affirmed this fact.


Edited by Harmeet Kapur