Dirk Koetter feels good about Ronald Jones


Dirk Koetter gets a good feeling about Rojo why? Its because Jones has been a sponge in camp this entire offseason. Ronald Jones is willing to do whatever it takes to help serve this team and Koetter knows this. If Jones can master being an excellent pass blocker, then there will be no reason for him to leave the field.

So what exactly does Koetter feel good about? In 2017, at USC, Jones finished the season with 261 rushing attempts, 1,550 rushing yards, averaged 5.9 yards per carry, and finished with 19 rushing touchdowns. What makes Koetter’s heart warm for Jones is the ability to go the distance at any time. Koetter just has to make the right call at the right time. What also eases Koetter’s mind about Jones is the fact that they have a pretty good relationship so far and have a mutual understanding of what each others expectations are.

Jones is a small piece of a long term answer at the running back position. If the Buccaneers can keep Jones healthy and continue to place him in successful situations during games, then Jones should make a big impact in the 2018 season. Koetter is also very confident in Jones because he does not put the ball on the ground unless it’s in the end zone after a touchdown.

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