Bye Week is Almost Over What Has Tampa Done To Correct Secondary Woes?


The Buccaneers bye week is coming to a close, and they will return to practice next week to prepare for the Atlanta Falcons.

Coming off of a two-game losing stint, the Buccaneers will face one of their more prominent division foes. Yes, the Falcons are at the bottom of the NFC South at 1-3, but Tampa is just above them at 2-2.

Historically The Buccaneers are 10 – 13 in Atlanta, and since Jameis Winston they are 2-1. However, the way the defense has given up 1,432 yards through the air, worries me a little bit when having to face Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Jones has 502 yards and no TDs while Ridley has 264 yards and 6 TDs.

Looking back at the last two games, the Buccaneers, in my opinion, only had the one bad game and that was in Chicago. Yes, the Steelers blew out the Bucs 30-3 in the first half of that Monday Night game, but the Bucs did shut the Steelers out in the second half and gave it one hell of a shot at a comeback. The game in Chicago was just embarrassing.

Tampa is obviously short depth in the secondary, and lacks experience. So, what have they done to correct that? I do know the Buccaneers had brought in a few players for workouts, but the most notable is a mediocre running back and a quarterback that they have no interest in at all. Where is the secondary help?

Curiosity strikes me, and I have to wonder, is the reason that Tampa is not bringing in a bus full of corners and safeties, due to the belief that Mike Smith and his defensive play calling is the problem? We have talent in the secondary, and I feel confident in their abilities.

However, the Buccaneers better figure something out and figure it out fast because Atlanta is in 7 days. Matt Ryan has 1,316 yards and 10 TDS and his receivers to make those field stretching catches and clutch red zone plays. If Tampa cannot right the defensive end of the ship, then this could end up being another play from behind game and a long day for The Pewter Pirates.