Falcons RB Devonta Freeman’s Status in Jeopardy for Sunday.


The Tampa Bay Bucs head to Atlanta on Sunday to face off against the Falcons. The 1-4 Falcons are easily in a position to gain confidence against a weak Bucs secondary. However, they may have to do so without their veteran running back Devonta Freeman.

Devonta Freeman has been an integral part of the Falcons offense, but this year he hasn’t exactly wowed. He had sustained a knee injury last season, which kept him from games last season an ultimately a third consecutive 1,000-yard season.

Historically Freeman hasn’t been a major threat to the Buccaneers, but the last time Freeman lined up in the backfield against Tampa, he had 126 yards on the ground, including a 32 yard scoot for a TD.

If Freeman is out due to a bone contusion then we will face the backup running back Tevin Coleman, who also has not been good against Tampa, historically, but falls into the same category as Freeman for “The last time the Bucs faced him.”

The last time the Buccaneers faced Coleman he had 97 yards on the ground and 2 Touchdowns. Tampa’s run game seems to be significantly better than when we last faced either of these two RB’s. The Buccaneers should make short work of the Falcons’ running game, but need to get constant pressure on QB Matt Ryan in order to stop a shootout. The Falcons have an arsenal of receivers and Coleman can catch out of the backfield, so watch that Wheel Route, you know the Falcons will try it because it worked so well for the Bears.

The Falcons are favored in this game, but I would not be shocked to see a shootout in Atlanta on Sunday, and the Buccaneers coming out on top 34-31.