Video: JPP on Baker Mayfield, “He’s a rookie quarterback. I love it… And I’ll be chasing him.”


Today Jason Pierre-Paul made it clear that he has wiped his mind clear of last week’s loss vs the Falcons and looking forward to creating havoc in the Brown backfield Sunday.

JPP was asked his thoughts on Mayfield and he responded excited saying, “He’s a rookie quarterback. I’m excited. And I’ll be chasing after him.” The reporter followed up with, “Sounds like you are excited about that when you say rookie quarterback?” JPP quickly responded matter of fact, “Well yeah that’s what he is. Is that right guys”. As he asked his teammates who agreed.

If the Bucs are to generate a pass rush Sunday it has to start with JPP leading the way, and JPP seems ready to welcome Mayfield to the pros with a few sacks of his own.

You can view the full locker room interview HERE via the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.