Jameis Winston will play in Raymond James Stadium for the first time since December 31, of last year.

Winston is definitely excited to back home and it has been a long time since he’s played at home, and quite some time since the team has played at home. So, this is a home opening event of sorts for our team and our quarterback.

“Yeah, I’m excited to get back out there in Ray Jay. It’s been a long time for me being in Ray Jay, so we’ve got to bring home a win for them. Last time we were there we were on Monday Night Football. Since then, it’s been a month since as a team we’ve been in Ray Jay. It’s definitely going to be exciting to get out there and get that whole atmosphere with the fans. Even watching on TV, I heard we have a beach (Bucs Beach) at Ray Jay now. Even though I’m not going to be able to participate in beach activities, it’ll be cool.”

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