All Is Lost!


The Redskins defeated the Bucs on Sunday 16-3 in Tampa. Now the season is almost certainly lost. On a day the defense actually decided to show up, Fitzpatrick and the offense let them down. Fitz marched the Bucs into the red zone five times with only a field goal to show for it and a couple poorly thrown interceptions.

Fitzpatrick wasn’t the only one to blame. Both Mike Evans and Cameron Brate had several costly drops. At 3-6, it’s time for the Bucs to think about the future. If the Draft was today, they would pick 10th, and some very tough decisions would have to be made.

Do they move on from Jameis Winston, the former number 1 pick who has regressed each year? Another decision will be what to do with quality veterans like GMac and JPP. Should they trade them now while their stock is still high? One thing I can guarantee you is that it won’t be Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht making these decisions as they will, in all likelihood, be shown the door.