Tampa Bay Needs To Embrace “Win-Now” Culture


Tampa Bay needs to wake up and realize what’s happening right now. Changes this offseason are making a few people uneasy with how rapid they are coming in and being implemented.

First, Tampa Bay refused to overpay for the young, 50/50 tackler in Kwon Alexander. Smart move. Then, Adam Humphries signed with the Tennessee titans for big money the Buccaneers didn’t have, but in that case Humphries deserved it. Finally came the most sentimental release of the offseason in Gerald McCoy, after contributing six- Pro Bowls in his nine-year stay. All sentimentality was lost, though, when McCoy signed with NFC South rival Carolina Panthers not too long ago. See you Week 2.

The one thing these quality players all had in common? They stood out on some pretty bad teams. In the NFL, that would seem to be one of the easier things a player can do. Not to say McCoy, Humphries and Alexander don’t deserve mention. I’m just saying they won’t be remembered in Tampa Bay for changing cultures. And that’s what generates wins.

Fortunately, that is exactly what Bruce Arians has done here so far. From day one he taken some things out, and brought about some much needed changing in.

Out with the “coaches favorites.”

In with the “accountability” sheet.

Out with pessimistic attitudes from leadership positions.

In with hard work, grit and an immediate locker room presence.

Out with the “lax” offseason workouts.

In with the no music practices and “stay focused” mentality.

All of this culminating in just a few shorts months and the changes are sure to pay dividends. A disciplined team won’t make the same mental mistakes that cost the Buccaneers at least two games last year. I’m expecting a much more focused and driven Bucs team then we’ve seen play at Raymond James in a long time.