Tampa Bay Tornadoes Land Top Sports Doctor in Bay Area


Much has been made about the star-studded coaching staff of the Tampa Bay Tornadoes. Beginning with Arena League Football Hall of Famer, head coach Stevie Thomas, down to even the equipment manager, Virgil O’Neil, who held the same position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now another well-known name has emerged from the Tornadoes in Dr. Doug Arvanitis, who is the lead chiropractor at Pro Health in South Tampa.

Dr. Doug Arvanitis Team Physician

Dr. Arvanitis has a well-established resume in treating professional athletes and will look to bring that same professionalism to the Tornadoes come February. Since 1998, Arvanitis has helped thousands of Bay Area patients with their chiropractic needs as well as pain management. Just to name a few, Arvanitis has worked with well-known athletes such as UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Noah Spence, Philadelphia Eagles wideout Nelson Agholor, as well as former Buc great, defensive end Michael Bennett. Check out UFC fighter Matt Arroyo‘s testimonial of Dr. Arvanitis:

There you have it. Dr. Arvanitis has seen, treated and rehabilitated world-class athletes year in and year out and we warmly welcome him to our Tornadoes staff. It will be great to know that the Tornadoes players can rest assured they have some of the best medical staff in the Tampa Bay Area keeping them game-day ready at all times.

Source: www.prohealthdoc.com

Video credit: ProHealth