Tornadoes Insider: Tryout Venues for Scouting Dates to Be Released Friday


More news has started to filter throughout the Tornadoes organization and I received word yesterday that the Tornadoes will be releasing venues and starting times for their scouting dates this Friday, July 12. The scouting tour will take them across the country in search of the most elite prospects from every corner of the country. West Coast? East Coast? Midwest? Down South? The Tampa Bay Tornadoes have got you all covered. If you’re an aspiring football player who’s been waiting on an opportunity, now is the time to seize it. Listed below are the cities and dates of each tryout:

Official dates for Tornado Scouting Tryouts:

– Tampa, FL September 8th

– Atlanta, GA September 14th

– Dallas, TX September 21st

– Houston, TX Sept 28th

– Baton Rouge, LA Oct. 5th

– Memphis, TN Oct. 12th

– Philadelphia, PA Oct. 19th

– Phoenix, AZ Nov 2nd

– Las Vegas, NV Nov 9th

– Los Angles, CA Nov 16th

– Miami, FL Nov. 23rd

– Tallahassee, FL Dec. 7th

On Friday, you will find out what the individual venues for each city and the start times as well. Stay tuned to Bucs Report and the Tampa Bay Tornadoes Twitter and Facebook page for all upcoming news and updates. A press release for Tornadoes owners Ken Nelson and Alton Walker could be in the works. And remember to “TAKE COVER!” come February 2020.