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David/Mccoy – Brooks/Sapp? – Tim Gary

PFF ranks Bucs stud linebacker Lavonte David and All Pro Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy as 2 of the top 50 players in the NFL last season. David finished the season with a combined 101 tackles and 5 fumbles forced while his partner in crime exploded through double teams to record 6 sacks on the season.

The View From Down Here. – James Wilson (BritBuc)

The Super Bowl is upon us. It is only mere days away. But that isn’t what I am thinking about right now. What I keep thinking is, “Am I safe here?”, “Will I be able to get some sleep tonight?”, “Maybe tomorrow I can find something to eat”. Why might you ask? Because, as I

Racism in sports

Not Bucs related, but in a round about way, it is. This is only MY opinion and does not reflect on Bucs Report! Yesterday it was reported the racist owner of the Houston Texans, Robert McNair said during an owners only meeting last week that ‘we can’t let the inmates run the prison’. Now, even