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Racism in sports

Not Bucs related, but in a round about way, it is. This is only MY opinion and does not reflect on Bucs Report! Yesterday it was reported the racist owner of the Houston Texans, Robert McNair said during an owners only meeting last week that ‘we can’t let the inmates run the prison’. Now, even

My Take On Doug Martin

So we got a certain running back on the team that’s probably on the brink of getting cut. He goes by the name of Doug Martin or whatever nickname you desire to call him. Some of us believe we should keep him while most of us others want him to move out of town. Well,

The Lightning end the series with a bang

Hedman scores two goals and Bishop recorded his fifth career shutout in the Stanely Cup Playoffs as the Bolts route the Islanders. Tampa won the best-of-seven 4-1 and advance to the Eastern Conference finals for the second consecutive time. Bishop recorded 28 saves while Kucherove remained clutch and scored his ninth goal of the postseason.

Bolts kick ice as per usual

The Newyork Islanders fell apart last night, much like their ice rink had. Up by a score of 1-0, the Islanders looked to be evening out the series 2-2. But in the last 38.4 seconds of regulation, Nikita Kucherov changed that notion. Kucherov received a pass from Tyler Johnson and fired the game-tying shot from the

Bucs have to protect Jameis from himself

The Buccaneers have been blessed by how quarterback Jameis Winston has performed, in 2015. His leadership skills and ability to learn from his mistakes, along with his talent, has proved to be more than anyone could ask for from their number 1 draft pick. Jameis, being sacked 27 times, is not all that bad and considerably

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