Cowboys Tackle RJ Dill suspended for Testosterone




With so many people trying to use Sports Enhancing drugs  in professional sports, the NFL doesn’t want to hear reasons for having the treatment, whether they are valid or not. It’s an unfortunate situation for the young man to go through. But Zero Tolerance is Zero Tolerance and sometimes that’s just not fair. Such is life sometimes. Even though missing four games is not the end of the world. It does suck for someone who loves playing the game of football.

“I saw my doctor, and blood tests revealed that my testosterone levels were very low,” Dill said. “My doctor suggested that I undergo testosterone replacement therapy, and I accepted the recommended treatment. I completed one round of testosterone replacement therapy in November of 2014, and almost immediately, I felt like my old self again. At this time I was not under contract with any NFL team, nor was I actively pursuing an NFL career.” – Michael David Smith NBC Sports

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