Lovie not pleased with performance Saturday


Even though everything didn’t go the way we wanted against the Browns. Good things did come from it. We got to see Kwon Alexander take on a big role, relaying plays on defense and play tremendously good football! It’s been along time since we’ve seen such a high caliber player. Might be a little early to call, but the most recent player I can think of that came into the league as a rookie and played this well, Derrick Brooks.

“We like what we Jameis has done throughout the preseason, but tonight he is apart of the bad effort we had as a football team,” Lovie said after the game. “Didn’t get a lot of opportunity, so it’s going to be my standard answer. There is not much we did well tonight, so Jameis, any other position you bring up- coaching all of it- it just wasn’t good enough tonight. As far as what the reason is, it happened.” – JoeBucsfan.com

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