Alfred Blue runs all over Tampa.


I wouldn’t say a horrible defensive display as it could have been a lot worse. Ryan Mallet throwing strikes and a player I’ve, personally, never heard of runs all over our defense. Kwon played outstanding so did Jaqueis Smith, but where was Lavonte David? I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw in the Young QB Jameis Winston. I’m starting to believe the hype.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost an ugly slugfest against the Houston Texans in the fourth quarter, with the offense struggling to move the ball consistently and the defense giving up just a few too many short plays to ultimately lose the game 19 to 9. Alfred Blue had a career day with 31 carries for 139 yards and one touchdown, running all over a Tampa Bay defense that couldn’t seem to get its run fits right.” – Sander Philipse

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