Jameis Winston knows he can’t do it by himself


I know he says he knows but does he really know? We will see in week 5 against the Jaguars if he truly knows. Because if he has learned from his mistakes and recognizes why, then we will see him check down instead of forcing the long play or getting antsy and throwing it into the flat and getting picked off . No more pick sixes at home, please. No more picks sixes  anywhere!

“We’ve got some great players around me on this team that can make plays,” Winston said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I’ve just got to protect the football. It really is that simple. You’ve just got to take the simple play. Give it to your back and let him make a big. You can’t put everything on yourself. Sometimes, they make good plays. … There are only so many ways you can sum up an interception, but at the same time, you’ve got to limit those.”- Reported by Josh Alper

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