The Buccaneers are much better than everyone thinks.


Ranked: 4th in passing defense- Ranked: 5th in total yards allowed- Ranked: 9th in rushing yards –  3 Rookie of the Week awards: Jameis Winston (2)  Kwon Alexander (1) Player of the week: Doug Martin (wk 5)Special Teams Player of the Week: Bobby Rainey (wk 5)     All that may not sound like a lot because the Buccaneers are 2-3. But the Buccaneers are a lot better than everyone thinks.

While 2-3 is certainly not the best start, it’s still a far cry better than 0-5 and last year’s 1-5 start.

With our first win at home, in what seems like forever, the pressure has really been laid on the entire team, to keep that winning momentum alive: Even though it seems that the Buccaneers have been able to only capitalize on weaker teams. They have been able to still play well against an undefeated Carolina Panthers team.

That shows promise for the Buccaneers: Losing by only 14 points to a vicious Carolina Panther’s team. The team still showed poise even though rookie quarterback Jameis Winston made some terrifying offensive decisions.

This Sunday we will have another chance to show whether or not the Buccaneers are legitimately coming together as a whole: When we play against a Washington Redskins defense that is notorious for getting sacks and turnovers.

How we play this Sunday vs that defense will determine how well the Tampa Bay team has matured during the bye week: Jameis Winston showed veteran qualities against the Jaguars and everyone responded well around him. It does look as if the offense might be clicking together finally. As long as the O-line does its job and running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims continue to destroy defenses, Jameis Winston will have even less of a chance to make big mistakes. If our defense continues to grow in strength we should at least begin to whisper “winning record this season”.

Plenty of the problems the Buccaneers have faced this season are very curable, especially at this early point of the season: It seems the Bucs may have found new light in their newly constructed offensive line and with our two magnificent running backs. But the Tampa Bay secondary would really have to step up to the plate if we were to have any chance of making a run to the playoffs.

Jameis Winston could throw a touchdown every time we touch the ball: But if the secondary continues to allow big plays down the field and our red zone defense does not begin to halt the opposing team from scoring, the Buccaneers will continue to lose games.

“Jameis Winston should continue to progress and produce more touchdown drives as the season grinds on.”

The linebackers and the defensive line seem to be the strength of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense: But ultimately, if not corrected, the secondary will be the downfall of our team.

If we recap the first 5 games of the Buccaneers this season: It seems to me that Jameis Winston’s blunders that caused 14 points in the Carolina game and the missed kicks by Kyle Brindza are the main reason we are not 4-1 right now. That being said, Jameis seems to have had corrected a lot of his prior issues and the Buccaneers also corrected the kicker issue.

“We now stand to be a much better team and could be the surprise story of 2015.”