Bucs defense is starting to become a Lovie Smith style defense



Tampa Bay’s defense is definitely coming around. Hopefully, it will continue to grow. It started out slow, last year and continued to grow as second part of the season began and it seems to be doing that once again this year.

“It’s a Lovie [Smith] defense. They play with discipline. They don’t necessarily have great players in the back-end where you go ‘Wow, these guys are tough to throw against.’ But they play a lot of zone, Cover 2, Cover 3, with discipline. Bradley McDougald has kind of emerged as a pretty solid strong-safety-type player and when they play Cover 3 of course he’s down in the box. Chris Conte is essentially their deep safety, occasionally blitzes, and Chris Conte again, they’ve been able to keep him from being a liability in coverage.”– Reported by Sander Philipse

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