Bob Iger puts pressure on NFL for L.A. move


That would be  unfortunate if all the efforts to move a team to Los Angeles was all for nought.It seems as if, Disney is ready to dip their hands, into the NFL. They did just pwn Star Wars!

“Disney chief executive Bob Iger says he wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Oakland Raiders’ and San Diego Chargers’ joint project to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles if he didn’t think the league was “very serious” about returning to a market that has been without an NFL franchise since the 1994-95 season.” “Iger said Thursday there wasn’t much time left for an NFL team to move to Los Angeles for the 2016 season.” “There is not much leeway,” Iger said. “If the decision is not made soon, neither team will be able to relocate.” – Reported by Ramona Shelburne

Bob Iger says time running thin for NFL team in L.A. for 2016