The Bucs not quite ready for prime time, yet?


The Buccaneers may not be playoff ready, but they are a much-improved team compared to last year’s team. From what we have seen this season, the Buccaneers are on the verge of big things, spectacular, in fact. So, whether or not we make the playoffs, I am content with just being mentioned as a playoff, hopeful.

“After last week’s victory over Atlanta, many expected the Bucs to roll into this game playing their best football. Only, we all forgot, this is a young football team with a rookie QB and just learning how to win. They learned how to handle being the underdog. They haven’t learned how to deal with prosperity. When everyone is talking about you, giving you high-five’s and kudos. Veteran football teams play their best ball in December. They see an inferior opponent and crush them (see Carolina and Seattle’s performances this week). Not-quite-ready-for-primetime teams throw their helmets on to the field and expect their opponent to tremble. Unfortunately for the Bucs, the Saints didn’t tremble, they laughed.” – Reported by JCDeLaTorre

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