Gerald McCoy and Joe Cullen’s tempers flare but since reconciled.


Gerald McCoy lost his head, Sunday. Getting into a shouting match on the sidelines, with your lines coach, is uncharacteristic of McCoy. It is nice to see that kind of fire coming from the veteran but also shows a lack  of caring, by who it was directed towards. 

“Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy became engaged in a heated sideline argument with line coach Joe Cullen that was caught on tape during the Bucs loss to the Saints on Sunday. Cullen began shouting at McCoy on the sidelines shortly after the Bucs allowed Saints running back Tim Hightower to score a 3-yard touchdown on a run up the middle late in the third quarter. McCoy shouted back at Cullen, who had to be separated from McCoy by other players on the sideline. McCoy said he and Cullen were back in each other’s good graces shortly after the game ended.” -Reported by Roy Cummings

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