Jameis Winston Ranks 6th in first round draft QB ratings


Not bad for the supposed bust. Sorry, I can’t help but continue to rub that in the haters faces. But, at this point are there any haters left? 

“Jameis Winston wasn’t sharp in Sunday’s loss to the Bears, even though he threw for two touchdowns and nearly 300 yards. Still, he continues to hold his place among the top first-round quarterbacks in recent decades. When the Bucs picked Winston first in the NFL draft and the Titans took Marcus Mariota No. 2, the Tampa Bay Times created a database of all first round quarterbacks since 1980. Each week, we plug in the statistics and compare Winston and Mariota against the others at the same points in their careers. Winston ranks sixth with a quarterback rating of 86.1, just ahead of Cam Newton, who was at 85.” – Reported by Tampa Bay Times

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