Win or Lose this Super Bowl should not affect Peyton Manning’s legacy


This game should not affect Manning’s legacy one bit. His legacy was put into place long before, this Super Bowl. As nice as it would be to see Peyton win, what could be his final game, and Super Bowl, ever, it should not change the opinion of Manning in any way.

“Peyton’s legacy is a natural talking point as he approaches what might be his final game, but Eli doesn’t believe too much should be put into one game against the Panthers.” “Honestly, I think there’s maybe too much placed on rings and Super Bowl championships just because it’s not one player,” Eli continued. “The quarterback is not the sole reason that you win a championship, it’s the team. “I hope he can win, but his impact has already been made and his legacy — I don’t think this one game, whether it will or not, shouldn’t be affected by this one game.” – Reported by Dan Hanzus

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