Jets Owner Woody Johnson says Geno Smith has the skills, pending desire


The Jets are not ready to give up on Geno Smith, but it seems they are not certain on which Geno Smith will show up. Ryan Fitzpatrick stepped, in for Smith, and took them to a winning record, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to pull the trigger on Fitzpatrick, as the starter, for next season. I guess that all would depend on Geno Smith.

“Ryan Fitzpatrick led the New York Jets to a 10-6 season in 2015 — the team’s first 10-win season since 2010. Fitzpatrick dazzled with his in-game heroics and likely will be back for the Jets in 2016 — so where does that leave Geno Smith? Does Smith have the makings of a franchise quarterback?”

“I mean, that’s up to the eye of the beholder,” Jets owner Woody Johnson said per ESPN. “But he has all the skills. It is a question of what his desire is. And from what the coaches told me and from what I have seen myself, I think he has matured a lot. And he is working on his game and he knows he’s a professional and he has the ability if he sticks with it.” – Reported by

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