Manziel: “Shut up, or I’ll kill us both!”


It is no question at this point, the future of Johnny Manziel is 100% uncertain. Ever since he joined the Cleveland Browns, after sliding down to the 22nd pick in the first round of 2014, Manziel’s NFL career has been embarrassing, to not only the Browns or the National Football League, but, more importantly, himself. Recent news broke, per several reports, Johnny has once again been involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. This time, the details are not pretty.


According to the police report, Manziel’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, whom he broke up with in December, was bar-hopping with friends, prior to meeting up with Manziel at a Dallas-area hotel. They began arguing over a possible new female that Manziel may be seeing. Crowley was restrained by Manziel and taken down to a back stairwell of the building and led downstairs. Valet allegedly made no attempt to stop what was happening and allowed Manziel to leave in a vehicle with her, after repeated attempts to have them intervene, by Crowley. Manziel drove no more than a mile, at which time Crowley tried to flee by exiting the vehicle and hiding in some nearby bushes, where he eventually found her. Crowley alleges Manziel then took her by her hair and forcibly threw her back into the vehicle and hit her across her head causing potential hearing loss, as Crowley claims. After she tried to play what seems to be “reverse psychology” by telling Manziel that she loved him, which did not seem to work, he began to laugh and sternly stated, “Shut up or I’ll kill us both!” Upon arriving at her Fort Worth home, he smashed her phone, so she attempted to Facetime her parents from her Apple computer while Manziel was outside. He returned to the apartment where he discovered she had attempted to contact her parents on the computer. Out of fear for her life, she grabbed a knife from her kitchen and made an advance toward him. Manziel fled on foot.


Initially, the Dallas Police Department released the following statement:

“The Dallas Police Department has conducted the appropriate investigative follow-up to the report forwarded to us by the Ft. Worth Police Department regarding an alleged incident involving Johnny Manziel. Investigative efforts to date have not resulted in the filing of a criminal complaint and the incident is determined to be closed. No further statement is expected at this time.”

However in recent days, it has come to light that the Dallas PD have since opened up a criminal investigation into Johnny Manziel. Colleen Crowley has an active protection order blocking Manziel from any further contact with her.

It has also been reported that the Cleveland Browns have decided to part ways with Manziel, once the new season officially begins, in March.

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