Field Yates predicts Doug Martin will leave Tampa


There have been so many rumors coming out about Doug Martin testing the free agency pool, and possibly leaving, But in the very beginning of all this were the statements made by HC Koetter and GM Licht, that Tampa wants Doug Martin and will do their best to keep him. On the other side, Doug Martin also stated He loves Tampa and wants to stay. So why exactly are all these rumors coming out? Could it be that they cannot come to an agreement? Is an act of building suspense to keep fan’s hanging on the edge of their seat? WHAT IS IT!?  I know what it is not. It’s not fair that we poor fans have to hear that everyone is interested in each, and will do whatever possible to make that happen, only then to hear that it’s possibly not the case at all. I thought we had enough of the “dog & pony” show when Smith said, “Glennon is our future” then benched him for McClown, and drafted a QB, with the number 1 pick. My wife has some good advice, that she shares regularly with my kids: “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” I think that is some pretty sound advice for a sports franchise to follow. 

The biggest Tampa Bay Buccaneers offseason question right now: will or won’t they re-sign Doug Martin, the NFL’s second-leading rusher in 2015. Recent reports have been pessimistic, and now ESPN’s Field Yates predicts that Martin will hit free agency and leave the Bucs as well:

“Jackson will stay for the final year of his contract. He’s a team captain, widely respected in the locker room and critical to the continued development of Mike Evans. Martin will cash in elsewhere as a free agent. It’s not easy to get paid as a free-agent running back anymore, but Martin offers the best combination of age, skill set and versatility to command good coin.” – Reported by Sander Philipse

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