John Elway still in the hunt for Kaepernick


Kaep’s $11.9 million salary is now guaranteed, but that will not stop teams from trying to trade for him, well, at least, a team.

Colin Kaepernick met with Broncos’ GM John Elway to further discuss contract issues. No agreement was made upon a potential pay cut, but a trade could still be on the horizon.

The Broncos are very interested in Kaep, but would need the QB to reconstruct his contract. Denver cannot fit Kaep’s current contract under their salary cap. The QB’s team-friendly contract is well off enough that he would really have to want out of San Francisco to take a pay cut. There will be another meeting this coming up week to determine whether or not Kaepernick is traded, and that trade would likely be with the Denver Broncos.

The 49ers want a second-round pick as compensation, but the Broncos see Kaep as only being worth a fourth-round. However, Denver is in desperate need for a QB and remains the only team in the running for Kaep. The Broncos cannot, in theory, continue to the start of the season, with Sanchez at the helm.