Fitzpatrick: Sets franchise passing record and can’t get a pay raise.


Ryan Fitzpatrick is in a questionable predicament, as last season he set Jets franchise passing records and now, it seems, no one knows if he will be back in New York for another season. Fitz has expressed his want to return to the Jets, but the team doesn’t share that same want and looks to be unwilling to pay him the money that not only does he believe he deserves, but his teammates believe as well. As it stands, the money offered to Fitz by the Jets is only a little better than the money the Eagles are spending on backup QB, Chase Daniels.

If the Jets are going to make Fitz stay, they will have to significantly increase their offer to the Veteran QB, and not only will that keep them in good graces with Fitzpatrick it will also keep them in good graces with their Pro Bowl wide receiver, Brandon Marshall.

Marshall made several pleas to Head Coach Todd Bowles to possibly persuade him to pay Fitz and have him return for the 2016 season. However, Marshal’s “He better be back” statement, isn’t persuading anyone but the fans. Jets head coach Todd Bowles addressed Marshall’s statement by saying,” My son wants certain things, too, that his dad says no to. I love Brandon to death, and he’s a good player. That’s all I can tell you. He doesn’t factor into making the decisions on this team.