Titans reveal they have received a pretty good offer for the number one pick.


The Tennessee Titans have revealed that they have received a solid offer for the 2016 number one overall pick. They have not revealed who it was that made the offer. Many have already begun to suspect that it was the Philadelphia Eagles who had made the tasty offer, but either way, it seems the Titans are not completely satisfied with the offer and await a sweetening of the pot. The Eagles and the Titans have a trade history that’s as recent as this offseason. If it is in fact, Philadelphia who is in the hunt for the number one spot, then it’s safe to assume that they are trying to get a quarterback. If the Titans do not see Tunsil as a priority, which has been suspected all along, then it would make more sense to trade the number one for the addition of more picks. Whoever made the offer will have to make an offer the Titans cannot refuse, meaning multiple 2016 draft picks and a key position player.