Manziel: Dropped by agent.


“It’s a life or death situation, I am not talking about football anymore. I’m talking about a young man who’s in trouble.” Manziel’s former agent has a genuine fear for the young quarterback’s well-being and says he needs to forget about football and get some help. Drew Rosenhaus, Manziel’s former agent, wanted Johnny Football to join a treatment program as one of the conditions in representing him. Manziel refused to enter any program. Although the agent is currently, not representing the QB anymore, that could change in a matter of a few days. “What I’ve said to Johnny is that if he gets help and he gets treatment, if he does that within the five days, then I’ll continue to represent him. If he does not do that then, unfortunately, he’s going to have to find another agent. I believe for him to have a chance, to have a successful life; forget football for a moment, just have a successful life. I think it’s imperative that he get help.”

Manziel’s prior agent dropped him following the charges Manziel received for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. These chargers are awaiting a grand jury to decide whether or not he will be charged with a crime.

“I’m not going to see him go down in flames with me as his agent. He’s either going to take the necessary steps to get his life back on track or he’s going to have to find somebody else to stand by and watch him injure himself. It won’t be me, guys.”