Tom Brady’s new cook book is sure to let the wind out of your wallets


Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady has been a hot topic for quite some time. Not with winning Super Bowls, and not with breaking records, but with breaking the rules. However, the long, long, long, and drawn-out Deflategate incident may be finally becoming a thing of the past. But one set of rules he won’t break is his diet.

With his four-game suspension on the horizon, Tom will have plenty of time to push his new nutrition manual. For those who want to eat healthily or just eat like the greatest quarterback of all time, this is your chance.

For $200.00 you get 89 recipes and Tom Brady’s personal nutritional philosophies. Buyers do beware, if you purchase the book you are stuck with it, returns are not permitted.

Brady’s diet is serious, there is no room for white sugar, white flour, and caffeine, including coffee, no dairy, no mushrooms or peppers and most fruits are also banned from the diet.  A diet consisting mainly of vegetables does not sound all too tempting to a burgers and fries kinda guy, but there are many who do enjoy the no sugar diet and can find themselves living just fine without peppers, tomato sauce, cheese, and mushrooms on their pizza, but I’m pretty sure pizza is also banned in his book. Although his diet does ban all the sweets we have all grown to love, it does consist of lean meats, grass fed beef, duck, and chicken, but as for fish, that’s likely stuck to wild salmon.

Regardless of your personal tastes, it does seem like the “Brady diet” is working as he hasn’t missed many games unless he’s suspended, and I can’t recall many injuries either.

At $200.00, the book cost a little more than I’d like to spend for a book, around $190.00 more, but that’s just me, this book may just be what many need or what they were looking for, in a culture that is teetering on the end of the specialty diet crazes.