Vernon Hargreaves III: Living the dream.


Vernon Hargreaves III is proving he is all that was expected, he runs through defensive back drills with ease, and his athleticism is eye opening. Dirk Koetter has already looked at VH3 to be one of the possible candidates to own the nickel position. “It’s his quickness and how good of a tackler he is. We’re going to start him off working both inside and outside.” Hargreaves doesn’t care where he plays as long as he gets an opportunity to play, and he is perfectly fine with playing the nickel. “I’m excited to play the nickel. I want to play wherever I can play, wherever I fit in. It’s perfect for me.”

Hargreaves has to be more than excited about playing in his hometown because not many get that chance.”It’s awesome. I couldn’t have scripted it any better. It’s great to be home. Right in my back yard.” Playing in his hometown, keeps him closer to his family, especially his mother, and allows him to avoid having to learn a brand new city. Playing professionally in the place you began your life of football, and for a team that you have watched growing up, has to be the very definition of living the dream