Trade offer still stands for Mike Glennon?


Do the Dallas Cowboys have their eye on Mike Glennon?

Glennon has been the topic of trade since 2014, and multiple teams have had an interest in him. Although most of the recent trade hype were pre-NFL Draft, there still are a couple of teams that have an eye on the Bucs backup. According to sources close to the situation, the Dallas Cowboys have a standing offer on the table for Mike Glennon if the Buccaneers are still willing to trade.

Again, sources close to the situation, state that the Cowboys tried to make a trade for Glennon on the day of the NFL Draft. The Arizona Cardinals were another team that tried put a trade into play, during the NFL Draft, as they offered the Buccaneers a second-round draft pick for the backup.

Glennon, who is now in his final year of his rookie contract may, in fact, hold more value as a backup to the Cowboys than any of the other three QB’s that sit behind Romo. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboys make a play for Glennon or continue with what they have on the current roster. But, if it’s true that the Cowboys have a standing offer to trade for Glennon, that shows they are not fully content with Romo’s backups.